What we are

MetGraphics is a digital design warehouse for those in the weather, media, and mapping field in need of professionally designed graphics to boost your visual game in your field. The world of weather & media is dominated by visual content, and having visual content that keeps viewers eyes glimmering with interest and excitement is what MetGraphics strives to achieve for our customers. Whether you need something as simple as a background for your already existing primary designs, or a fully designed and ready-to-go forecast template or map, MetGraphics offers all the visual tools forecasters need to create forecasts that stand out from the crowd. With over 3 solid years of existence, you won’t find a place more dedicated to creating the designs to make your forecasts look even more clean and professional. Modern visuals help bring forecasts, maps, and other ways to display data to life in a way that helps clients and the public interpret your work with further ease and simplicity.

Hi, my name is John Tinney. I run two social media weather pages. Northeast Indiana Weather Central and Alabama Wx Alerts. I use MetGraphics for all of my major weather graphic designs. My viewers love the graphics and find them to be very informative and easy to understand. That is truly the ultimate goal. MetGraphics allows me to display my information in a beautifully designed easy to understand design. You truly to get the best quality for your money all in one easy to navigate and understand website. I tell everyone of my friends in the weather and storm chasing community to use MetGraphics. Keep up the phenomenal work.
I appreciate Tyler, so much.  I have sent him a lot of requests, over the years, for graphics.  He always delivers with fast and friendly service. It is not often you find someone who enjoys taking care of their customers like Tyler does. His graphics are top notch.  It is like Christmas in weather graphic-land.  He also keeps them updated and fresh. Five stars!  Great service.  Highly recommend. - Beau Dodson
From the moment I contacted Tyler his professional attitude towards my unique request was shown. His excellent work, timely delivery of my requested products, and willingness to meet my expectations and desired are unparalleled. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about getting custom, high quality products at a very reasonable price.
From the moment I stumbled upon MetGraphics, I knew I had found a gem of online weather graphics. The Premium Membership is affordable and so are the graphics! Would recommend this to anyone looking for weather graphics for an affordable price!
I have used MetGraphics products for several years. They are the highest quality and I really like it that Tyler is constantly updating the subscription with new graphics. My followers like to see changed graphics from time to time and my Premium subscription allows me to do that. I am always eager to see what he will be unveiling next!
I have used some of your graphics package on the Northwest Ohio Weather and Photography Facebook Page. They are awesome. I use Powerpoint for the graphics without any issues. Keep it up. 🙂

So, why choose MetGraphics?

Of course you have options, it’s a free world out there — and without diversity there wouldn’t be a drive to keep getting better. That said, MetGraphics isn’t the only place you can find weather-inspired graphic tools, there’s a handful out there. Some are commercial-level companies that require a small fortune to buy into, while others are small and individually owned, like MetGraphics. MetGraphics.net was created by a life-long meteorologically-enthused northern Californian who spend a bit too much time writing forecasts, realizing quickly that these posts weren’t necessarily appealing to many people due to there being little visual aid to those poor readers early on. A few years later after putting enough time to travel to Mars into studying design, those old posts began to stand out far more with professional maps and graphics that drew in even the most skeptical of eyes for a peak, finally getting viewers to not just look at images, but read the content and keep coming back.

MetGraphics was one of the first graphic design outlets created for the weather community, a community who should have their voice & forecasts heard and seen. Don’t settle for the bottom-shelf when it comes to getting your work out there when you can get your hands & mouse on the top-shelf for the same price. MetGraphics is dedicated to providing the community with designs that’ll always always be available and affordable to forecasters on every level of the spectrum, and is proud to be trusted by over 2,500 meteorologists, forecasters, and users alike around the world looking to enhance their visual presentation.

Featured products

MetGraphics Premium

Gain access to all MetGraphics products + early access.

MG Maps

Build professional weather maps with the layered mapping MG Maps offers using Photoshop.

MetSymbol Kit

An extraordinarily large set of weather map elements ranging from pressure symbols to tropical system symbols.

Ultimate Map Pack: Global

Nearly 100 maps made up of 66 U.S. maps & 31 world regional maps. Plus, this map pack comes packed with MetSymbol Kit!

New releases

MetSymbol Kit 2018 (update)

New features in MetSymbol Kit • new package of pressure symbols • new set of vertical map keys • corrected stationary fronts.

MG Maps 2018 (update)

New features in MG Maps 2018global waterways (lakes and rivers) • topography overlay to help your fills stand out where hills & mountains exist • interstate/highway icons in the U.S. • a brighter, toned down basemap to make your forecast stand out from the map and be easier to translate to the public eye


Need an eye-catching graphic that immediately lets readers and viewers know what to expect from the rest of your post, video, or other content? WxTitles is a package of graphics that includes designs for 4 themes of weather: severe, winter, tropical, and heavy rain — with a variety of variations to choose from for each.

SimpleWx Animated Icons

SimpleWx brings simplicity and functionality together to create a line of easy to understand and modern weather icons. These animated icons feature elements from the Simple Weather Icons package, put in motion to use in your motion graphics and video forecasts.

Animated Weather Icons v4

MetGraphics Animated Weather Icons v4 has been designed from the ground up using elements from the fifth version of standard icons to bring cloud design & physics up another step from version 3. AWI v4 now features something that’s been long awaited: the ability to loop seamlessly.


WxText, a set of stylized wordsets for specific weather types, hazards, and indices. Built to save time and help key parts of your forecast to stand out, WxText upgrades design quality of the little things while saving that time.

T48 IntraWx: Horizontal

Upon learning how popular the previous IntraWx forecast templates were, I’ve released a new horizontal iteration of an IntraWx template. IntraWx Horizontal, the 48th forecast template MetGraphics has produced, features 32 integrated weather types in a horizontal forecast panel.

Severe Threats III

For forecasters trying to display severe weather threats to both the hardcore weather enthusiast and a general public viewer, Severe Weather Setup III helps depict the reasoning of specific thunderstorm threats via the quality of the three main ingredients for convective development.

Extreme Weather Icons

Whether it’s a tropical cyclone or giant hail as a threat, the icon to indicate this threat shouldn’t be confused with an ice cream cone or pretzel. Extreme Weather Icons brings simple and to-the-point design to the table (and your graphic).

T47: Coast

The Coast template introduces a sleek and minimalist design style, with sanded edges and a unique use of colors across the board. T47: “Coast” is a sleek, modern template bringing together simple lines with bold colors.

Broadcast Style Upper/Lower Thirds

This pack of versatile upper and lower thirds incorporates modern clean design traits that allow them to stand out on a wide range of different backgrounds, in addition to easily being used as both upper and lower thirds.

MetGraphics Weather Icons V

Throughout the adventure of designing this this version of icons, a total of 126 icons (plus the sun) were created for this set of icons, more than any recent set MetGraphics.net has released.

Ultimate Map Pack: Global

Global Map Pack: Ultimate is the largest product available from MetGraphics. Comprised of 98 maps, this is perhaps one of the largest map packages available on the net, built to design and craft beautiful maps — most especially weather maps. In addition to the 98 maps around the world, the latest version of MetSymbol Kit is included with this purchase to make this the official and direct alternative to MG Maps which directly requires Photoshop.


Radials: V (Potential Indicators)

Radials V is the first radials set to include a divided radial design split into tenths, and uses the same general concept the last radial design used.


“Ultra” Forecast Template

This template is a sleek complete redesign of an old template from the old days of MetGraphics. The background is nifty but not overpowering to draw attention away from the tiles, and the upper third also draws fairly equal attention. There’s also a fair amount of extra room to get a logo embedded in the upper third.


T44: Diamond

A high resolution, modern & sleek forecast template with a minimalistic upper third, separated low containers, reflected-edges on the main tiles for the beginning and end days, and indentations to fit the lows in-between the main tiles. The background is vignetted to draw attention to the tiles & forecast elements.


T48 IntraWx Horizontal

Upon learning how popular the previous IntraWx forecast templates were, I’ve released a new horizontal iteration of an IntraWx template. IntraWx Horizontal, the 48th forecast template MetGraphics has produced, features 32 integrated weather types in a horizontal forecast panel.


WxThreats v3

WxThreats v3 is a set of sliders, selectors, and progress bars that help display the significance of a severe weather event across a broad range of different ways. WxThreats v3 includes 17 threat bar variations in different styles of design and display technique, an upper third, and a background.