MG Maps has been wrenched and hammered on for the last 5 years, making it one of the most user-friendly and up-to-date weather mapping tools for consumer-level forecasters & meteorologists since its early days. MG Maps has been tailored to the wide variety of needs forecasters require when creating maps for their audience, making an already great forecast even better with visuals that can stand up to commercial-level solutions, all while simply using Photoshop.

MG Maps 2017 features fully layered mapping elements within each of the three versions’ Photoshop document, meaning you can enable and disable what you want, as well as underlay and overlay certain map effects and data over and under specific things. Mapping layers include the primary enhanced Blue Marble basemap, bathymetry in the seas, country, state, and province outlines, as well as major cities/towns. In the United States versions, major highways and interstates are included, while in the Global version graticules of latitude and longitude are included as an option to overlay in the seas.

Example of the layering setup within the Photoshop documents, with fills between the basemap the county/state outlines.

Three versions you ask?

For users specifically interested in North America, MG Maps Pro & Lite are the two versions you’ll want to work with most of the time. The only difference between the two North American versions is that Pro features the highest resolution mapping, thus requiring a large amount of system (computer) resources to open and work with it. Lite on the other hand is scaled down to half the resolution, meaning if you need to work faster or have a less powerful system, it should work for you.

The Global version is for users around the world, featuring what you can probably rapidly assume is mapping of the entire world, also including all the country/state/province outlines in addition to the ocean effects and major cities around the world.

If you’re tired of using flat, barren, pixelated, or overused maps you find or snag from strange corners and shacks around the internet, MG Maps is the solution you’ve been seeking.

Included with MG Maps 2017

MG Maps Pro

  • Highest resolution basemap of North America

1.6 GB

MG Maps Lite

  • Half resolution North American basemap, uses less system resources

1.1 GB

MG Maps Global

  • Entire world map

1 GB

MetSymbol Kit, included with MG Maps, makes this layered mapping product the ultimate weather map design tool. MetSymbol Kit includes a massive selection of weather map elements, such as dozens of pressure symbols, fronts, a massive selection of tropical storm & hurricane symbols, storm system cloud spirals, directional arrows, keys for a variety of certain parameters and indices, and much more. Combined with the beautiful maps MetGraphics has produced for MG Maps, there isn’t a better weather map design package available on the net available to everyone.

MG Maps Photoshop Layers

MG Maps Pro + Lite

  • United States cities level 1 (major) redesigned*
  • United States cities level 2 (large/medium) redesigned*
  • Canadian cities (major) redesigned*
  • Major highways & interstates new*
  • Counties
  • States
  • Countries & ocean boarders
  • State & country contrast, glow, and shadow effects
  • County contrast, glow, and shadow effects new*
  • Ocean
  • Ocean bathymetry overlay
  • U.S. highlight layer (darkens regions outside the lower-48)

MG Maps Global

  • Worldwide cities (major) redesigned*
  • Country outlines
  • U.S. state outlines
  • Country & ocean boarders
  • State & country contrast, glow, and shadow effects
  • Ocean
  • Ocean bathymetry overlay
  • 5° and 15° latitude & longitude graticules new*

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